Processing 100k+ NYC violations and tolls.


For-hire vehicles like Uber cabs in NYC get violations and tolls constantly – from going through a red light, driving in a bus lane, going over a bridge/thurway and more. Governments run several web portals for fleets manage violations and tolls, but they are hard and time consuming to use, especially when managing fleets of thousands of vehicles.


For violations we built a robot that runs as a native windows application that automates the process of re-assigning violation liability from a company to a driver, see video here.

For tolls we built a system that collects all toll data from different toll authorities and aggregates data into an easy to use interface.

This software is used by 3 out of the 4 top partners in NYC

By the numbers




Violations processed



See all vehicles In one place

Mark tolls as Billed/processed

Add/remove vehicles to toll authorities

Automatic toll prices
based on toll cash price or fixed ammount/percent

Export expense and profit reports

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