Tefillin Wrapp

Binding Hearts And Minds

Tefillin Wrapp

Binding Hearts And Minds


There are millions of Jews across the world that want to wrapp tefillin but don’t have the tefillin, knowledge or motiviation to do so.

Just like Uber connects drivers with passengers, Wrapp connects Jews with tefillin to others who want to put on tefillin – in real time, everywhere around globe.


We built ultra-fast Android and iOS apps using Flutter for both tefillin providers and requesters.

Providers can turn their availability on and are tracked using low-battery background geo-tracking.

When request comes in, we use Tile38 real-time geofencing and Firebase cloud-messaging to notify only relevant providers.

After a provider accepts the app notifies the requester and their location is tracked until the wrapp is complete.  Mazal Tov!


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